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Supply Chain Management

Businesses spend thousands of dollars each year on inventory tying up cash that can be used for capital investment projects. Most supply chain managers have an idea of what is wrong but do not have tools and knowledge of how to fix the issue. ITS Enterprises will help lower inventory cost, increase inventory turns, thereby increasing your cash flow.

ITS Enterprises has the expertise and specializes in solving complex issues within the supply chain of any organization. ITS’s experts will put purchasing and inventory control programs into place that can be controlled with minimal input from the management team.

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Scott A. Harrison - President - ITS Enterprises, Inc.


Freight Analysis

ITS has specific expertise in designing freight transportation management plans to fit your long-term business objectives saving your organization on transportation cost. ITS specializes in negotiating large freight contracts with Ocean, LTL/TL, and Small Parcel carriers.

Freight cost is derived from many variables. ITS will dissect your company’s shipment activities, traffic lanes and shipment volumes in addition to characteristics of the materials and products you ship or receive. From this information, ITS will deliver substantial savings to your organization.

For this specific consulting program, ITS only gets paid if they are able to save you money. That is how confident ITS is in it’s ability to find you cost savings in your shipping program.

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